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How do we keep our studio safe?

Our doors remain locked during class to keep our members’ valuables safe.  We also have 24/7 video surveillance.  

Do you have lockers and showers?

Yes, we have 3 women’s showers and 1 men's shower.  We have lockers, bring your own locks. we have a wall to place your personal items before you enter the studio room.  Your items will be safe with our video cameras and our secure facility, during your class. 

What is the temperature for class?

Journey flows are 102% and 40% humidity.  Warrior Flow and Tone are 95% and 25% humidity.  Yin is a non-heated class although it tends to be warm in the room due to earlier class schedules. 

Do you have Covid-19 protocols in place?

  • We have several ways of keeping our studio safe.   

  • - Disinfecting: We use an electrostatic sprayer and a chemical that kills Covid-19 In 30 seconds. We clean high touchpoint surfaces and our studio room multiple times per day.    

  • - Flooring: We have PEM flooring in place. This is a permeable, slip-resistant antibacterial flooring. We vacuum and disinfect multiple times per day.  

  • - HVAC system:  

  • Motto Yoga has installed state-of-the-art Bio-Aire Defense Air Sanitization and Disinfection Systems throughout our facility / in our hot rooms for client health and peace of mind. This unique system incorporates the hospital-grade disinfection technologies of both UV-c disinfection and ionization as a one-two punch to kill and capture 99.9% of airborne microorganisms and VOCs. The great benefit of this unique system is that the air is sanitized and disinfected continuously, not only in the ducts but in all occupied spaces providing our clients with the freshest, most healthful air they will breathe all day.  


  • UV-C Disinfection  

  • Ultraviolet (UV) light is a range of light frequencies that are mostly invisible to the human eye. Because of its unique wavelength, the UV-C band is proven to penetrate and disrupt the cell walls/ protein coats of microorganisms, effectively killing/neutralizing them. This hospital-grade disinfection technology is safely located within our return ducts for continuous precision disinfection.  


  • Ionization  

  • Our state-of-the-art HVAC-mounted ionizers send millions of ions into occupied spaces where airborne viruses exist. Ions attach to the airborne pathogens in aerosols from human respiration, such as viruses, deactivating their outer protein shell, cell membrane(bacteria), or receptor sites on contact as well as capturing pollen, bacteria, smoke, smells, mold, and other pollutants.   


  • Negative Ions  

  • As an added bonus, our state-of-the-art systems also produce an excess of the health-boosting negative ions which are the same negative ions found deep in forests, near crashing surf and waterfalls and emitted from Himalayan salt lamps to help the body alleviate stress and enhance workout performance and recovery."  


  • Added 3 Aerus Air Scrubbers that are NASA certified.  2 in the lobby and one in the studio.  Air scrubbers destroy over 99% of airborne and surface contaminants.  This includes Covid-19!  These scrubbers are used in the international space station.  

How early do I need to arrive before class? 

Doors open 30 minutes before class and we lock the doors 5 minutes before class starts.  Very important you are on time. 

Do you offer discounts on retail products for members? 

Unlimited monthly and family memberships receive 15% off.  

Do you offer yoga teacher training? 

Yes, we are partnered with Yoga Alliance and have certified teacher training once per year in the fall.

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