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Yin: Sound Healing

Beginner to advanced. Class is 60 minutes.

Patience: Yin Restore is the perfect compliment to a busy Yang life. Slow down and focus on the connective tissues in your body as you tap into and reset your body’s stress response. In this 60 minute class, you will reconnect with your body’s innate ability to heal. In each class, you will focus on only 3-5 poses which will be held for longer periods of time, typically 3-5 minutes each. Class will end with a 10 minute Savasana where you will completely relax and reward yourself with non-judgmental introspection and silence. This practice is slower paced and props will be used. Target and alleviate tightness in deep connective tissue, ligaments, and joints.

This is NOT a heated class but due to other classes that take place in the practice room, it will be a little warm.

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