At MOTTO YOGA Studio, we are dedicated to providing you with the perfect environment to focus on yourself, so that when you walk out those doors, you feel like a new you, ready to take on anything your busy schedule is about to throw at you  


Motto Yoga was built to be a sanctuary for yoga and fitness lovers.   


Whether you're new to yoga, an experienced yogi, or looking to supplement another fitness passion, Motto Yoga can help you progress in the 1,000+ year-old practice of yoga to improve body, mind, and soul.   

About the owners: 

Motto Yoga owners, Dave and Tanya, fell in love with HOT yoga the very first time they took a class back in 2018. It was life-changing, in the best way possible. For years Tanya had struggled with back pain. She had grown to think that nothing would ever relieve it. But, through a regular yoga practice, Tanya found that the strength and flexibility yoga delivered was the answer she had long been searching for.  

For Dave, it was the improved balance and flexibility that drew him in. What he quickly discovered, however, was that the physical benefits were only the beginning. Through a mindful yoga practice, Dave has learned to calm his mind allowing him to better navigate all life throws at him. 

In short, taking time for themselves in a regular yoga practice helped them change their lives for the better and they want to share that with all who come through their doors. They love serving the Motto Yoga community and getting to know the members. 

Dave and Tanya have been married for 31 wonderful years(and counting!), they have two children, Taryn and Garrett, and two fur babies, Oliver Beans and Winnie Rose. Building a family has been one of the most joyful rewarding things they have done together, and they hope to bring that joy to their Motto Yoga family! 

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